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[Guide] Guide Event : Heroes

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Kingdoms Mobile: Heroes's Guide

You will be attacking alot in this game. Whether it is for Strongholds, Skirmishes or attacking other Castles for resources. To do all of this, you need heroes! Better heroes = better strongholds and better skirmish targets. In this guide I will be covering the basics and also perhaps some advanced stuff about Heroes in this game. 

1.How to obtain Heroes. 

There are currently 4 ways to get Heroes. 
1. Tavern

The most common way to get Heroes. In the tavern there are 2 kinds of recruits. They are free recruits and premium recruits. Free recruits are refreshed every 2 hours while the premium recruits is refreshed every 24 hours. Additionally, you can buy the premium recruits with gold for 200g or 10 premium recruits for 1800g. Heroes available from the recruits as of now:

Free recruits: All Green and Blue Heroes.

Premium recruits: All Green, Blue and Purple Heroes with the exception of The Ripper, Dragoon, Lady Eclipse and Sawarmor.

2. Pack Store

Straight up buying a package from the store and you will receive a Hero as goodies! There are only 2 Heroes that are only available from purchase at the moment. 

Heroes obtainable: Lunaris (Lunaris Pack) and Dragoon (49,99$ Rookie Super Pack) 

3. Soul Shop

In this game theres a currency named Souls. They are obtainable via events, pack store or by exchanging items with souls. 

Heroes obtainable: Lady Eclipse (60k Souls) and Blade Master (150k Souls)

4. Events

There are 2 Events that offers a Hero Pack/ Hero Relics for certain Heroes when you get enough points and are ranked in those events. Check them out to see how much points you need and what you need to do to gain these points!

Heroes obtainable : Warlord and the Ripper (Call to Arms event). Stormhammer and Sawarmor (Blood and Steel event).

2. Heroes Overview

Alright. Now that we've got our Heroes. Lets get to know who they are, what they do and how to strengthen them. In this section, I will cover each tab in the hero menu.

2.1 Info 

Left Side

- Hero levels. You can increase your Hero levels by using exp packs, attacking strongholds or doing skirmishes. Increasing your hero levels will give your hero: 

- Increase might
- Increase troop limit
- Increase Hero attack
- More Slots to inlay crests

- Troops limit. The amount of troops your hero can command.The amount of troops displayed is not the number of reinforcement that you have Higher level troops requires more reinforcement to be converted to troops. For example, you need 27 reinforcements to convert them to 100 lvl 2 Knight unit but you need 61 reinforcements to convert them to 100 lvl 4 Knights.

- Race. Some hero skills boosts only certain types of races. They are only a few heroes with racial skill but it helps to know whether or not your heroes have synergy with each other.

Right  Side

- Army type. Your hero army details. Here you can see what kind of troops and units your hero commands. I will cover about this more in another section.

2.2 Skills

Left Side

- Hero skills. Can only be leveled up to level 10 using Hero relics or skill exp packs. There are 2 types of Active hero skills. The Active hero skill can either:
- Boost hero damage.
- Boost army damage.

Right Side

- Talents. Talents are unlocked for your heroes as your troop building levels increase. These talents almost specifically boosts your troops. From these talents, you can see where your troops will be positioned when in battle. When these talents are unlocked, you can increase the levels of your talents with ores up to level 20. New talents are unlocked when your troop buildings are at level 7, 13 and 19.

Increase both of your hero skills and talents to greatly boost your hero's might!

2.3 Crests

You can inlay up to 5 Crests for each heroes. Just like your passive hero skills, you will unlock more slots to inlay crests to you heroes as you level them up. These crests helps you to either boost your hero or your army's strength! There are also unique crests that increase your %of prisoners captured or crests that gives two buffs!

Slots for the crests are unlocked at 20, 30, 50 and 80.

How to obtain these Crests?

- You can obtain them by sacrificing prisoners at the dragon altar. Prisoners are obtainable by attacking people at skirmishes or defending you guild members from skirmish attacks.
- Pack Shop. There are a few packs available in store that offers you crests
- Dragon mall. Exchange souls with the crests! There are 2 Crests currently available in the dragon mall.
- Events. Getting in certain rank in the events will help you gain crests.

Leveling up your Crests

Each Crest can be leveled up to level 25 by using either an enhancer, enhance all or max enhancer. Using enhancer or enhance all has a percentage to fail. Failing to upgrade your crest will result in a decrease of level.

Tips on crests

- Dont hesitate to use a new crest on your strongest hero! You can level them up and replace them later with a more suitable crest for your hero! The levels will stay the same!
- Dont save up prisoners! Use them daily!
- Crests that increase troops level can only increase them by 1 even at level 20! Avoid leveling these crests and focus on others.
- Check the troop information and see what kind of crest inlayed on your max leveled hero to see what kind of crest is suitable for that said hero!

2.4 Details

States where you can obtain said hero. Also tells you the specialty of the hero in the description.

3. Troops and Units

Every Hero in the game leads different kinds of Troops. There are 4 main type of Troops in the game. They are Infantry, Cavalry, Siege and Flying. These troops can be leveled up by upgrading your respective troops's building or inlaying certain hero crest to your hero. Each type of Troops consist of 4 kinds of Units. Im going to list from tank to attacker going with 1 being the pure tank unit. 

3.1 Infantry


1 - Barbarian - Infantry class unit. 
2 - Shaman - Defense class unit.
3 - Demon Hunter - Guerilla class unit. 
4 - Sniper - Hunter class unit. 

3.2 Cavalry


1 - Knight - Cavalry class unit
2 - Lancer - Dragoon class unit
3 - Lunar Archer - Ranger class unit
4 - Bow Rider - Ballista class unit.

3.3 Flying


1 - ?
2 - Dwarf Plane - Sky class unit.
3 - Griffin Rider - Fleet class unit
4 - ?

3.4 Siege


1 - Assault Tank - Siege class unit
2 - Catapult - Engineer class unit
3 - ?
4 - ?

3.5 Troop Position

There are 12 troops position in the game. Each unit occupies a specific position. For example Barbarian is always in position 2 and Demon Hunter in position 3. 
*UNCERTAIN AND UNCONFIRMED* : Every position is strong or weak against another position unit. Position 3 (Demon Hunters) are counter to all cavalry Unit. Position 2 (Barbarian) and Position 11 (Engineer) are weak against flying unit because they cant attack flying unit.

3.6 Unit example

This is an example of Captain Pandario's unit. He is a Demon Hunter making him a Guerilla class unit. He is a captain because he is a purple grade hero and he is in position 3. 


- Updated troops based from the information of the new updates.
- Some units cant hit flying units making them really effective to be use against them.
- Stats of each troops depends on the grade and the rarity of the hero commanding them. Lady Eclipse for example has way more stats than Shadow hunter despite being the same grade and same type of unit.
- ? means that type of unit is still not released yet. In the future when new heroes come, Im sure they will fill these question marks.

4. Hero Composition

Theres no best rule for a good composition but I would advice for you have a mixture from 1 to 4 while also having synergy between those heroes. Purple heroes may have better stats than green or blue heroes but if you fail in teambuilding, your team wont be at their maximum potential. Find a good synergy and balance between your team for maximum output!

Example Composition:

(1)Centaurion, (3)Captain Pandario, (3)Dragoon, (2)Skyterror, (2)Steelwheel. 

 - Main tanks are Centaurion with secondary tank Steelwheel. Eventhough Skyterror is also a (2), he generally takes less damage because he is a flying unit and some units cant hit flying units. Centaurion gives hp boost to both him and the panda making them both tankier.
 - Main damage dealers are Cpt Panda, Dragoon and Skyterror. With Skyterror giving buffs to Dragoon. He will certainly hits hard both with hero and also troops.

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This hero guide is more or less completed. If I miss anything about a hero please comment!

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Good guide

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