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[Guide] Kingdoms Mobile FAQ

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Account Related

Q: Will the Kingdoms Mobile staff ever ask for my account password?

A: No, no employee of the Kingdoms Mobile team or IGG will ever ask for your account password under any circumstances. Access to your game account is strictly limited to you alone. Avoid sharing your account password with anyone and contact Live Support if you ever receive a request from anyone asking for your account password.

Q: Sharing, Selling, Trading, or Transferring Game Accounts.

A: Sharing, Selling, Trading, or Transferring Kingdoms Mobile game accounts, in-game items, resources, etc, are strictly prohibited by the IGG Terms of Service. Access to a game account is strictly limited to the account's creator only. Any and all progress accrued on that account shall not be shared with, sold to, traded with, or transferred to any other person under any circumstances. Accounts or players that violate this policy may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension. For your best interests, please refrain from participating in the abovementioned activities. Players who incur losses via access by unauthorized parties or suspension from Team Kingdoms Mobile as a result of involvement in the sharing, sale, trade, or transfer of game accounts will not be eligible for compensation or recovery services from Team Kingdoms Mobile.

Game Guide Related

Q: Why can't I log in to the game?

A: Try the following steps to troubleshoot this issue:
1) Slow or unstable network access may be the cause of the problem. Check your connectivity and try again.
2) Game app is outdated, causing issues with entering the game. Update the game and restart the app.
3) Enter your device settings, find the Kingdoms Mobile game app, and select ""Clear Cache,"" then log in to the game again.
4) Your account may have been suspended due to involvement in illegal activities as a result of being accessed by unauthorized parties. Contact Live Support for clarification.
If none of these steps help to resolve your problem, please contact Live Support for further assistance.

Q: What do I do if Kingdoms Mobile crashes or is unable to load?

A: Try the following steps to troubleshoot this issue:
1) Make sure that you're currently playing the latest version of Kingdoms Mobile.
2) Make sure that your device is capable of playing Kingdoms Mobile.
3) Make sure that there's enough space in your device's internal memory. Lack of memory can cause the game to crash or perform poorly. If you need room, we suggest uninstalling any apps you no longer use to free up memory.
4) Close any apps that you aren't using in order to free up resources that can be used to run Kingdoms Mobile.
5) Restart your device and open Kingdoms Mobile. At this point, your device should be optimized to run the game with more stability and speed.
If none of these steps help to resolve your problem, please contact Live Support for further assistance.

Q: Why doesn't my game have sound?

A: First, check if the audio in your game settings has been set to mute or low. If these settings have been properly adjusted, restart Kingdoms Mobile.

Q: I bought Gold but haven't received it yet.

A: Gold orders may take some time to process. We ask for your patience while your purchase is added to your account. We also suggest that you refrain from making additional purchases until you receive the Golds from your previous purchase. You may also try restarting Kingdoms Mobile to see if your Gold has been added to your account.

Q: What benefits do I get as a VIP?

A:VIP players get to enjoy a host of benefits, including boosts to construction speed, resource production, troop speed, and other troop attributes. All these will help a VIP player build a strong empire in extra quick time. To find out more about the exact benefits of each VIP level, tap the "VIP" button beside your portrait to enter the VIP interface for more details.

Q: How do I increase my VIP level?

A: Our VIP feature is divided into 10 levels. Tap the "VIP" button beside your portrait to enter the VIP interface and view your current VIP level and VIP Points earned. Earning the required amount of VIP Points raises your VIP level.

Q: How do I go on a gathering expedition?

A: Resource nodes are scattered throughout the World Map. Tap one to select and occupy it. Assign troops for this expedition and confirm your selection. Upon completion of the expedition, your troops will return from the resource node with the goods. The higher the Troop Capacity attribute of your expedition, the more resources they can carry back to your Castle.

Q: Construction Queue

A: Buildings that are in the construction queue for upgrading will display the time left until upgrading is complete. You can spend Gold to hire Builders that can assist your construction. The amount of buildings you can queue for construction increases for a period of time for each Builder you hire.

Q: The Dragon Altar

A: The Dragon Altar is the most important structure in your Castle. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings and higher levels for existing buildings.

Q: Warehouse

A: The Warehouse protects your resources from getting pillaged by invaders. The higher the level of your Warehouse, the more resources it can protect. Uncollected resources will not be protected by the Warehouse.

Q: Academy

A: The Academy provides opportunities to research and discover new Tech. New Tech unlocks by upgrading the Academy to the required level, completing research on pre-requisite Tech, and having enough resources to pay for the research.

Q: Embassy

A: The Embassy affects how well you and your Guild can work together. The higher the level of your Embassy, the larger a Coalition your Guild can assemble. You also need an Embassy in order to receive military support from your Guild when your Castle is under siege.

Q: Market

A: Build a Market to give or receive resource aid to and from your Guild mates. Troops are required to escort these supplies to their destination. Increasing the level of your Market increases the amount of supplies you can send or receive and reduces the tax on transporting these supplies.

Q: Wishing Well

A: You can collect various resources from the Wishing Well. Increasing its level increases the number of daily uses as well as the amount of resources given per use. There's a chance to multiply the amount of resources received by up to 10 times with each use.

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