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[News] Kingdoms Mobile Update on Dec 6 [Version 1.1.100]

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Posted on 2016-12-05 05:37:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Lords, we'll be undergoing maintenance at 2016/12/06 06:00-08:00 (GMT+0) to upgrade the game to version 1.1.100.

Update Notes: 
1. Battle Updates
- New Mirage Trials feature added. Send your Heroes through these trials to win great rewards!
- Added the battle animation feature in Mirage Trials.
- You can now capture Prisoners when attacking or defending a Stronghold.
- New item: [Anti-Scout] - Stop enemies from scouting your city and expedition armies for a period of time.
- New item: [Coalition Recall] - Use to recall a coalition army on an expedition. The old [Troop Recall] item only recalled individual armies.

2. Hero Updates
- Added 4 new Heroes: 
A: Boulderage, Orange Hero, attacks Front row units.
B: Elvan Elega, Orange Hero, launches a devastating attack on a single Hero.
C: Nicolau Bolt, Purple Hero, retaliates damage taken to a random target.
D: Feroslaught, Purple Hero, Troop DEF increases with every successful block.
- Added 13 new Crests: 6 Orange Crests, 7 Purple Crests.
- Ripper now only counterattacks when attacked by single enemy cavalry units.
- Made adjustments to Hero UI display.

3. Skirmish Updates
- New Skirmish Revenge feature added. Players can now retaliate after being attacked. 
- Gain Revenge Points to open reward chests.

4. Guild Updates
- Credits needed to declare war on a Stronghold will increase with each successive rally. Costs reset at 00:00 server time.
- Elders now have the authority to form Coalitions.
- Updated the Recommended Guilds feature. It is now easier for new players to find a suitable guild.
- Added Guild Operation Records. You can now review member info and posts in scrolling Guild info, edit Guild info, access Stronghold features, and manage operation records.
- Added the ability to hide all members who are holding a post while assigning posts.
- Fixed errors in perks allocated to some Atlantis posts.

5. Event Updates
- Added the Resource Chain event objective. Earn points by collecting resources (wishes, quests, daily quests, etc.)
- Reduced the amount of resource gathering tasks in daily quests.

6. Other Updates
- Crests and enhancement items from Dragon Altar sacrifices will now be placed directly in you inventory.
- The Wishing Well and Watchtower building infos now show the corresponding Might for each level.
- Original location of the player's City will not be shown when using a Relocator III.
- VIP Points can be exchanged for Souls.
- Increased the number of Souls from exchanging these 5 Orange Crests: War, Military, Solitary, Blessed, Armored.
- Adjusted sound settings.
- Increased the number of resources that can be gathered from Resource Tiles.
- Updated the World Map. The world is now more exciting than before!
- If your City location clashes with a mountain range or river after the map updates, your City will relocate and random. High quality items will be gifted to you.
- Updated input feature.
- Made minor adjustments.
- Fixed bugs.

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Posted on 2016-12-06 01:28:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

very gooood