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[News] Kingdoms Mobile Update on May 3 [Version 1.1.120]

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Posted on 2017-05-02 20:11:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

We will be performing server maintenance on 2017/05/02 21:00-22:30 (GMT-5).
At some time, Android & iOS 1.1.120 will be released. 

Update Content: 
1. Event Updates: [Combat Grounds]
- The event now opens every 2 weeks and lasts for 7 days.
- Skirmishes will not give Cups outside of the event, but will still give resources and prisoners.
- Cups from the previous round will now be removed when a new round begins.
- Ranking rewards have been increased.

2. Guild Skirmish
- Prisoners and [Blood and Steel] points can now be earned from Guild Skirmishes.
- You can now tap the Log button to the left of the Guild Skirmish interface to view your guild's Guild Skirmish Log.

3. World Map
- Outlaws have invaded Aventhia! They and their leaders have appeared on the World Map. Defeat them to get great rewards!
- You can now check [Battle Details] and [Replay Battle] after challenging outlaws.

4. Other Updates
- Changed Skyterror-exclusive [Demolitor's Bomb] effect to: Increases Troop DMG when attacking Infantry.
- Fixed issue where not all coalition troops were shown during [Survival of the Fittest] rallies.
- Fixed issue where travel time of coalitions did not tally.
- Overhauled the tutorial.
- Optimized equipment related features.
- Optimized game for the iPad.
- Various improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.


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