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[News] Server Maintenance 2017/07/27 06:00-08:00 (GMT+0)

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Posted on 2017-07-26 21:54:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear players,
We will be performing server maintenance on 2017/07/27 06:00-08:00 (GMT+0). Players will not be able to log on during this period. After the maintenance, everyone will get 800 free Gold. Thank you for your understanding!

V1.1.130 Update Notes:
- New event: Outlaw Exterminator.
Attack Outlaws or Outlaw Leaders on the Map for points. Get better rewards with more points! This is a time-limited event that will only be held four times. Each round begins on Friday at 00:00 (GMT+0) and lasts 3 days. This event will be removed on Aug 21, 00:00 (GMT+0).
- Optimization and bug fixes.

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