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[Bug & Suggestion] Urgent NOTICE TO IGG.

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Posted on 2017-09-14 11:53:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thi serves as an urgent notice to IGG on the Kingdoms Mobile game.

Now, if you have played the game before you will know that paying users have an unfair advatage above non-paying player. This of coyrse seems to be a tad balanced by the fact that you can move ro a new world if you do not exceed he top 50, which, are usually paying players.
The point of this threat is to ALERT IGG that there is currently a scam running of a "cheat on the game using google credits.obtained for free from an app. In this instance people are using it to invite more and more players to the affiliation program, which, starts you off with 10500 nannas (used to buy google vouvhers) and the code given scams the user into signing up under a member in which in the ed forms like a pyramid where one member becomes textually rich in the game.
Main point is this will cause IGG to not only lose money but for the gameto become tediously  boring.
Please, try and patch this.
Regards - A