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[Bug & Suggestion] A player created private chat room

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Posted on 2017-10-10 17:49:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

As the guild mail has a character limit that's pretty low when I send tips event info etc I have to send like loads of multiple mails one after another typically 3-5 and if a player is off for a while when they get back on there can be loads if mails to wade through line I wanted to send mails on 3 or 4 subjects today and they totalled over 20 mails so I suggest that in the chat page there should be an icon like the block one but with 2 little players then it switches to a page saying invite where you can either press guild to invite ppl from your guild or or a space where you can type a player name and select from a list of similar names then the invited gets a mail where the can chose to join or not once in they can chose to leave and delete room in which case they lose access to the room unless reinvited. Also any person in the room can invite anyone else they like to the room. If this is not possible at least remove or drastically increase the character limit also display the character count and keep track of it so as you type islt displays characters 56/10000 got example

Tyrone Brackenbury