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[Bug & Suggestion] Kingdom merger

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Posted on 2016-07-25 11:11:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are way to little players in each kingdom right now. Its hard to even find active players to fill in the top 3 guild.. As a result the top 3 guild are dominating almost all the sh in the kingdom. This is only 1 problem that I can think of and Im sure I can give more of it. I think Igg shudnt have made a 3rd kingdom yet and fill in both the 1st and 2nd kingdom first because having a low active players in each kingdom is really unhealthy. 

My Solution to this is..

- Give time for kingdom 3 players to relocate out of their kingdom and give them a free passport without rank restriction to relocate to other kingdom.
- Randomize relocate from all 3 kingdoms and compile them into kingdom 1 and 2. Kingdom 1 for example can have all the players who are currently at odd player might rank. for example Player with rank 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on in player might rank will be randomly relocated to kingdom 1 and kingdom 2 will be filled with player with even rank.

Posted on 2016-07-25 14:35:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not sure what kingdom your in but World 1 is slam full and from what I see, so is world 2 and 3?

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Posted on 2016-07-25 14:36:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Saku! I am sure they won't make more kingdoms for a while until the first 3 are full of active players. 3 kingdoms to start with is a good idea to offer more land to players. So don't worry, you will see many new people soon. Keep playing and enjoying Kingdoms Mobile.

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Posted on 2016-07-25 15:06:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

For the record I am in kingdom 2. And no it is not slam full. Just to show some stats of it, Ill list the guilds and its members

1 - Lov. 120 members. Full! no problem here right? nope. Their r1s are almost all if not all are dead players. Some of them still havent even changed their name! I guess they just accepted these members because they are tired of the application spam.

2 - Fre. 102 members. My guild. Lets just say there are alot of inactive players in the guild and we're just accepting people cause we arent full anyways.

3 - Gre. 79 members! Thats alot of drop in terms of members already.

4 - GGI. 69 members! Im seeing a pattern here..

5 - T.C. 105 members. Turkish guild. I wonder if they are the same like us.. just accepting members because theres just for the sake of it or maybe there are enough turkish players in the game.

I could go on more about this. but If the top 4 guild is struggling (not 5 cause Idk about t.c) to get members then there are clearly a problem about the number of players. Top 4 Guild should have problem filtering members that are good and making extensions because there simply isnt enough space for new members to join. But here, the top 4 guilds are either just dont care about the quality of members (Lov and Fre) or have really low member count (Gre and GGI). 

If the top guilds have these kind of problem. I can only wonder what problem the 'lower' guilds have. At this point I dont think guilds that are ranked more than top 10 have players that are online everyday.

Posted on 2016-07-25 15:11:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

I personally would really like this issue to be addressed. If people just ignore this, then the game wouldnt last long in my opinion. 

If the game/kingdom have player problem in its early phase how much people do you think will be actively playing in the next month? Since this is a multiplayer game, player count plays a really important part in the stability of the game.

Posted on 2016-07-25 18:47:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

We will note this and send it to the dev team. This game is still very young. Just bare with it and in time, it will pick up.

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Posted on 2016-08-01 02:27:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Remember the guild were limited to 50 originally.  They doubled it because there wasn't enough room in even the small guilds.  I was in the rank 20~ in k1 for most of the first month and we were always full and I was a r4 and made sure everyone was active.  There was always about 5 that weren't so we were at about 45.  But as soon as it doubled we were at around 60 active members.  The guild don't need to be at capacity all the time.  That's why they increased it.  I feel like your definition of jam pack is different from ours as well.  Our guild gets a lot of action and really it seems like all the top guilds get a lot of action, even the smaller ones from my experience in my rank 20~ guild to

Ty for that info on Lov though, kind of funny imo... :P.

Posted on 2016-08-01 05:50:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Have to love the "Lov" train haha.

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Posted on 2016-08-01 06:56:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Kingdom 3 isnt exactly packed full but it's far from being inactive. I was under the assumption that new kingdoms may be released once the IOS version was complete but I'm not really sure.

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Posted on 2016-08-01 07:15:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Lots of active players are coming now.. maybe its because igg hasnt release new kingdoms but things are definitely getting better.