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[Bug & Suggestion] Lets start getting People !

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Posted on 2017-07-10 03:02:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Greeting, M' Lord and Ladies !

In Order to make this forum more active, I am Creating  this thread  In order to get Ideas on how to get our forum active and how to get the players from the game to the forum !n You all are free to Suggest Ideas/Event  and Opinions, and I'LL Try my best that we do get to we do some of them ! Also, I would request everyone to  start spreading the word that the K.M Fourms are active and hoping to see more participation.

~K.M Moderator Team.

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Posted on 2017-07-14 10:19:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well I think it will be hard to do that. The player base is compared to, for example lords mobile, relatively small. Also most people probably never took a look at the forums before. I think the forums should be advertised more in the game. Also you could create an event where players submit (updated) guides. Kind of like a contest and the most popular guides receive some kind of reward ingame. I have seen this idea in some previous post, so I didn't come up with this idea I just thought it was a goodoneand wanted to mention ithere once more.

Posted on 2017-07-20 12:53:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Incentivizing forum activity in-game would be sure to pull people in. Since you can connect both accounts through facebook, it'd be easy to verify and send rewards to the right places. Having certain milestones give in-game rewards would encourage people to post here, even if just for the benefit in-game.

Of course there's the issue of people spamming or signing up and never posting anything, but that would be an easy fix. Post count milestone rewards could be given out manually. For example, there's a list of unrewarded milestones that only the staff can see. A quick check through the user's post/thread history can verify if they've been spamming or actually using the forums. Spam accounts can be locked and/or deleted while rewards go to the actual forum users.

Inactivity would be easy to deter as well. For the sake of rewards, users will get a point at the end of each month if they posted.


Of course on top of this we can have contests and such. However I wouldn't rely on those to bring people in. If we run too many of them, we have to keep up that volume which will eventually devalue most of the in-game items and packages. And we can't suddenly drop the number of contests by a lot because then people will assume there's no reason to stay, and the contests end up being run for nothing.

Alternatively, there can be a referral system. When new users sign up, they can put in the name of whoever recommended signing up, or each player can have a unique referral code that new users can put in. The more referrals you rack up, the more rewards you get. Referrals won't count towards the total until the new user has reached some arbitrary quota. Say for at least a month and has made at least 50 posts

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Posted on 2017-07-27 02:07:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

Other than contest, the forum need to be informative enough to attract players to check in from time to time. Experience players can share their knowledge and newbies can learn. Information like advanced hero build, team build, equipment build, crest build are lacking, and so many players out there have played wrongly and ended up being weaker than others.

If you offer informative guides that can help players grow stronger, they will check here and ask questions which make the forum active.

This forum really need a translation function like the in-game translation, players are from all around the world and not everyone speaks fluent English. If there's no auto-translation system, there will always be language barrier. The translation system may not be perfect but at least there's a translation function to try translate and let players from different languages able to understand what's written not in their language.

In-game system shout out about this forum will also let players know about existence of this forum. Fankly speaking I have only found out about this forum when there's a system maintenance and we can only click buttons to Facebook, Forum.

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Hi friend. I just got to ask for help regarding my player or castle info. My original strongest hero might is 2.8m and ive reached 23.7m might using surge. But in my info its 2.4m strongest hero might and 22.7m troop might. Before all of this information works good. But in the update of version 1.1.155. My info did not show the original might. Until now version 1.1.156. I am asking igg to fix this pls. Thanks