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[Chat] Submit Guides and Tricks and tips for the Game !

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Posted on 2017-07-27 23:19:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Salut, M'Lord and Ladies ! 

In order to help and guide new players who join our game at a later stage, we can give them support by providing them with material which can help them get to know how about the game in general and get a general idea of how the game functions. In Order to do so,We want your help on whatever tip and trick which you have discovered while playing this game. You all can submit your Guides under the following categories :

1) Newbie Guide : Tricks and Tips to to get acquainted with the Know-Hows of the game, talking about the basic features and building's, its functions etc. 
2) Advance Guide:  For those who all have mastered the basic and want to move to the advance stage of the game, for things like talking about alliance, its features how to do a skirmish and participate in the Guild Event. 
3) Hero's Guide: All about heroes and where they are most useful at. 

Please submit such  Guides to the General chat and mark it with [Guide] In the thread title in order for us to check and if appropriate, Move them to the guide section. 

Thanks !
K.M Moderator team !  

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