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[Guide] Guide Event: Skirmish Attack and Defense tips

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Posted on 2016-07-22 11:02:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

After losing a huge part of my troop to directionless skirmishing, I made a few notes on the dos and don'ts of skirmishing. Here's a few tips.
Skirmish attack

1. Rally camp is for offence.
Don't forget to upgrade your rally camp. The higher the level, the more heroes you can have for the skirmish coalition. Hence, greater chances of winning the battle.

2.  Never ever go out alone on a Skirmish.
When you skirmish alone, there is a huge chance of you being crushed by your target's guild. It doesn't matter whether your target's a low level player and you have at least 500k might difference. Always bring back up. Though you have to share the rewards, better be safe than sorry.

3. Check the target's demographics.
Is he within the guild's stronghold or is he alone? Is he surrounded by other members who can garrison their troops quickly? What is his player info? What's his strongest hero's and troop's might? How about the traps?

Always consider the answers to this question before attacking. Also, try to assess if you can take on the other members of the target's guild if ever they garrison.

4. Time is gold. And so is distance.
There's a huge advantage if your castle is near your other guild members. You can quickly set the rally. As much as possible, set it to 5 minutes in order to avoid your target getting more backup for garrison. Note the coordinates of the target. The nearer his coordinates is to yours would mean lesser travel time. And upgrade your portal.

5. Always check the Current Battles section.
Check if other members from the target's guild garrisoned on his city. Check the heroes' number. If possible, trace them via the world map to see what level the other guild members are then check the player info for more information regarding their heroes' and troops' strength.

Skirmish Defense
1. Embassy is your life-line.
If you're being attacked during skirmish battles, it is handy to have a high level embassy. Having so would mean more heroes can garrison on your city. Thus,  a greater defense.

2. Make use of the guild message.
If you are under attack, make use of the guild message to call for back-up. Not everyone pays mind to the Current Battles section.

3. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
There are instances that the attacker is too strong or too many. And no one wants to lose troops. In order to avoid this, send out your troops to either gather or inside another member's shield and just recall once the attack is done.

4. Don't let your resources go to waste.
Another tip for those being attacked by stronger opponents. What you can do to avoid plunder is to collect your resources and spend them as soon as possible. You can also send them to the other guild members so it won't go to waste if ever you are attacked. Make sure that the amount you have left doesn't exceed the warehouse capacity.

5. A strong last minute defense is the best counter-attack.
Do you think your guild can help you crush your attacker? Don't go all out just yet. Let them come first and once they are near, that's the time for the other members to garrison. Make sure they are ready though. Tell them beforehand of the plan.

And always train more reinforcements, strengthen your heroes and troops. You can also buy packs if you want.

So that's it for this guide. I hope it helps you guys and girls out.

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