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[Guide] Skirmishing Guide

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Skirmish Guide

Skirmishes are not free for all’s that you can attack anyone and everyone. You want to plan an attack and get the most use out of the attack. The beauty of skirmishes is that you truly do not have to worry about an all-out guild war because skirmishes are from different worlds. This allows you to attack, gain prisoners, and resources without stressing over an all-out guild war. Below are a few tips to effective skirmishes.


Upgrade Your Portal

Upgrading your portal allows you to move faster when skirmishing. This is helpful in multiple ways. The most important way is it gives the defenders less time to garrison their troops. Another benefit to the portal upgrade is that your troops return faster, allowing you to skirmish more.

Researching your military through the Academy is another good way to help you succeed during skirmishes. Always keep the academy upgrading and you will become stronger and stronger. This also goes for your city defenses while researching. Upgrading your city defenses will help you to protect against incoming skirmishes.

Correct Hero teams

Have a correct hero team will ultimately decide your fate when attacking. The best hero guide to date is by LeonGRAY and can be found HERE.
Make sure you train enough troops to keep your heroes converted. Always be training no matter the price.
Keep upgrading your infirmaries so you do not lose all of your troops during a skirmish. The higher the infirmary, the more troops you will save!

Might/Resource Comparison
This is a topic that most people do not understand. You want to make sure the skirmish is going to benefit you. Yes, higher might MAY bring you more prisoners, but that is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Look at the might to resource ratio. Make sure the resources will bring in more than you spent or will spend on your troops. A general tip I use is to obtain double the costed resources. I never skirmish someone with under 900k of each resource.


Skirmishing should benefit you in all ways not just one. Before you just go out and attack some random person, make sure it benefits you. I will keep continuing to add to this guide as I find better ways to skirmish. I hope this helps you.

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This can also be used as a reference to creating your guide.

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Thanks bro:)

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