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[Guide] Strategy Guide

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The most effective them for gathering are the heroes that have higher troops capacity like siege type heroes and some tanker like totem breaker(its just an example). Totem had a talent that will make his troop capacity increased. A higher leveled heroes plays a good role for gathering and green type too. In short all heroes are great for gathering.

Forming a team for attack is kinda bit hard but not that much.but always check their skills and talent that will make a great advantage. If you do not have much RSS for upgrading just upgrade a hero skills or talent that will give a big role in your time . Try upgrading your talents to level10. Be well aware of your heroes .always make sure you have lots of reinforcements. For my attack team i always used .TOTEMBREAKER,WARCHIEF,PALADIN,GUARDIAN and SHAMAN.. just make sure you have a balanced team ..

The best way to level your troops is Use your Hero EXP Card,But if i dont have left just put them in the bootcamp You can find it in the Map. The higher boot camp you'll find and altar ,The more EXP youll gain. Using Cash to buy packs also gives you more boost to help level your Heroes.. but if you dont want to spend some cash you can just follow my tips.

I always put attention to their talent and skills. Totem breaker have a skill that makes troops Defense Increase per round because it stacks. GUARDIAN have a skill that makes all cavalry trools attack increase too. Also his talent are great because it has CRIT RATE once you upgrade his Crit Rate talent the Crit rate also increase. Crest are also plays a big role on your heroes.You can get it by using cash and buy packs that has Crest Card or by sacrificing your prisoners. Just be sure that when you got a crest put it on a right hero. Prisonere can obtain by doing Skirmish.

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Welcome to the forums! Good guide, not alot of people know how heroes work.

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Thanks boss

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