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[Guide] City Planner Guide

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Posted on 2016-07-20 10:29:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello! Some people do not pay attention to the City Planner events and are missing out on great rewards! In my opinion, city planner is one of the best ways to get bonus resources. The cheapest way to win resources from this is to get 1K score from the current city planner event. This will reward you with 5 wishes, 50 minutes in boosters, 600K food, 600K lumber, and 5K ore in packs to use whenever you want. These stockpile up very quickly, and you will really need to use them to advance quicker later in the game. You really don't have to worry about the other rewards unless you are determined to get a score of 10K in city planner. If you get a score of 10K in city planner, you are eligible to earn more rewards from the rankings, which adds up to some nice rewards, and even gold!

Some of you may be wondering how to even get score. Well, each city planner is a little different. The objectives can change every 2 hours when city planner restarts, resulting in different ways to get points. I will list them all:

Building: This is the best way to earn score in city planner when it's an objective. You can have big builds being constructed, and wait until a building event to use boosters on the almost finished big build to score major points!

Ore: Ore is always usefull, to make builds or raise your hero's talents. You can get score for this objective by gathering ore from ore mines in the map, from your own ore mines in the city, from the wishing well by wishing for ore, and from opening ore packs. So, what I recommend for these objectives is to not collect ore from your city until it's an ore event. Let it pile up for 8 to 12 hours if you want to. It will result in more ore for more score. It's also a nice idea to have troops gather ore in mines around the map and call them back when an ore objective is on. Also, only use wishes on ore. You need ore more than anything, and try to only open ore packs during this objective. Just don't end up with tons of Ore lieing around doing nothing, use it don't lose it!

Research: Researching gives nice score aswell, but not as nice as building. The only thing I can recommend for researching is to have a big research that takes several hours complete in a research objective. Use a few boosters if you have to.

Recruiting: You can earn score from using those free recruits and the free premium recruit in the tavern during these objectives. I recommend you only use them during these objectives aswell.

Reinforcements: You can earn a small amount of score from creating reinforcements in barracks, or getting them from sacrifices or opening packs. Make sure to only use reinforcements boosters during these objectives.

Kills: You can earn some score from killing other city's troops during this objective. Score is based on the number of troops killed and their troop lv. This usually won't earn you alot of score based on experience, but it may be better in the future.

Prisoners: You can earn some score from getting prisoners from skirmishes. This also won't give you alot of score right now based on experience, but it may be better in the future.

So basically, do your best to earn atleast 1K score in every city planner. Anybody can do it really, it's just 1k score. Eventually you will have enough boosters saved to earn a 10k score in city planner or even get first place, but don't rush it! Save those precious boosters for when the time is right.

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Great guide friend.

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Nice guide;)
And why not post the link under this thread?

We get the first person who win the first event we hold!!

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Posted on 2016-07-25 06:54:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

I never gave getting much points in the city planner until I read this thread.

Great guide.

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