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[Guild] Type 2 Diabetes - Screening For Diabetes!

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Posted on 2020-02-14 05:47:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Gastroparesis can come about in people who have StrictionD Review Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. When someone has this condition and eats a meal, their food seems to sit in their stomach for hours and hours. This is called delayed gastric emptying. The nerve that controls the movement of food through the digestive tract is called the vagus nerve. If it is damaged or doesn't work at all, the stomach muscles and intestines cannot properly move food along. This causes the food to be slowed or stopped along the way.

Diabetes can be the cause of damage to the vagus nerve just like it can cause other kinds of nerve damage throughout the body. Since the stomach cannot move the food along fast enough, this can lead to blood sugar levels that are high and out of control. The high blood sugar levels continuing throughout the body causes more chemical changes in the nerves. This in turn damages blood vessels that are carrying nutrients and oxygen to the nerves.

For diabetic patients, finding the perfect glucose meter is often challenging but it is a very important task. Patients with diabetes should love their testing device because it should be used multiple times every day. In addition, it should be portable because it should travel where ever you go. This is why it is so important that you find a glucose meter that fits your personality, lifestyle and personal health needs. With so many meters to choose from, selecting the right glucometer can be quite overwhelming. Two popular meters that are available today are the Bayer Contour glucose meter and FreeStyle Lite glucometer.