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[Guild] Hero Crests

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Posted on 2017-07-01 01:39:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all,

I am fairly new to this game and have a questions about Crests if anyone can shed some light.

I am wanting to know if the crests that are purple, blue and green - is it best to use those certain crests for the different grade heroes. AS in should I use the purple crests for the pink/purple heroes? I have the law crest that increases the teams snare ability but its green crest and I wanted to put it on a pink hero such as Ripper. I have tried to look for guides online and theres not much out there for Kingdoms Mobile :(

Also what does increase RED damage mean? What is RED damage?

I hope some of you good folks can help me here and sorry if I seem such a newb lol.


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Posted on 2017-07-01 07:57:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dont get turned down by the grade of the crests. Some of the green ones like rupture and fortune crests are amazing on certain heroes. Most of them are ultility crests though. Its okay to put some on your team but dont have too much ultility as it will affect your ability to actually win battles.

Red means damage reduction.

If you are unsure what crests to put on your team you can check the album at the tavern and look for the crests tab. It should give you the basic idea of what the hero needs.