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When is there going to be another world coming out as new people are probably being put off with the lack of worlds available as there are too strong people on the current worlds for noobs to deal with, so the big question is: when is a new world gunna come? And tbh... you should at least release one every month or less to please your audience...

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The world count is fine for now. True it's hard for new players to create their own guild and prosper, but they can just as easily join a big guild and have a good time. I haven't heard anyone complain yet that there aren't enough worlds, so the audience seems pretty pleased to me

This is besides the fact that a large number of players join to get rewards in some other game, that's how I started. I needed to get to city level 5, and I decided to keep playing regardless. World 5 has a ton of abandoned cities around that level, and they left because they didn't care to play in the first place

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The heard you, we now have 6 worlds lol

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